Reconstruction of locomotive shed: Production of the foundation for the partition wall (August to September 2021)

After the steel supports were installed and aligned, the reinforcement was laid on the partition wall. Since the existing foundation could also be partially retained here and only the upper part and the visible base had to be newly concreted, a level foundation was provided and the work proceeded quickly. Making the formwork took more time, as it had to be individually adapted to the local conditions. The formwork was made of wood. In the area of the later base, work had to be particularly clean in order to obtain a flawless exposed concrete surface.

The concreting work took place on 24 and 25 September. On Fridays, the point foundation was poured and the non-visible part of the partition wall foundation was pre-concreted. This method was necessary because the foundation is L-shaped. In order to concrete it in one piece, a cover formwork would have had to be installed and weighted down with weights or anchored in the ground. By working in two steps, this effort could be saved, but another concrete delivery was necessary on Saturday. During the concreting, numerous helpers from the association were on duty on both days. The two-way excavator and the wheel loader were used to move the concrete within the construction site.

The remaining concrete was used to repair some defects in the courtyard and to provide a new bottom for the drainage ditch in the turntable pit, so that water and dirt can no longer accumulate here.

We would like to thank the following companies for their support:

  • Hofmann-Rieg Stahlhandel, Darmstadt (Fabrication and delivery of the reinforcement)
  • Waibel KG, Gernsheim (Delivery of the concrete)

Formwork and backfilling

The following Saturday, the formwork could be removed, dismantled, cleaned and stored for further use. The areas of the construction site that had been walked on and driven over during concreting were levelled again and recompacted.

The point foundation contains a lead-through for four empty pipes. These had to be connected to the empty pipes already in the ground. The working pit was then backfilled and compacted in layers.

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