Places of interest in the surroundings

Places of interest in the surroundings

Combine your visit with the many points of interest and attractions in Darmstadt and the region. Discover the Rhine-Main region in detail.

Experience Darmstadt

City of science or cultural centre? Darmstadt is both. Darmstadt combines spirit and research, artistry and innovative strength, like any other city. Darmstadt still has its charm of a residential city – and is at the same time a city of modern spirit and a experimental field for culture in the midst of a research landscape.

Whether the artists’ colony Mathildenhöhe with its famous Wedding Tower, built in Art Nouveau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hundertwasser House “Waldspirale” or the Park Rosenhöhe – Darmstadt has a lot to offer, especially for enthusiasts of art, culture or nature !

UNESCO-World Heritage Site Grube Messel

The Grube Messel fossil deposit is located in the immediate vicinity of the Bahnwelt. In 1995, it was the first German natural monument to be inscribed on the UNESCO-World Heritage List. It provides unique information about the early evolution of mammals and records the history of the development of the earth 48 million years ago, when explosive changes determined the fauna and flora after the age of the dinosaurs.

Rhine-Main Metropolitan Area

Located in the heart of Hessen, “FrankfurtRhineMain” is a region of superlatives: the largest city with the tallest houses is surrounded by an extraordinary green belt that takes up a good third of Frankfurt and is part of the RhineMain Regional Park. Between Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and Hanau you’ll find a paradise for hikers and cyclists, as the region holds a network of trails summing up to 550 kilometres.

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Route of Industrial Culture Rhine-Main

Some 1,000 sites of local and national importance make up the Rhine-Main Industrial Heritage Route, which also includes the Bahnwelt Darmstadt-Kranichstein. Coming from ports/industrial facilities to bridges, railway stations, sewage treatment plants, workers’ housing estates and technology parks – the route brings back into public interest the living testimonies of the region’s manufacturing industry. The annual “Days of Industrial Culture” are a permanently fixed in the regional calendar of events. During these days these  places of industrial culture open for visitors. The Route of Industrial Culture focuses on the economic, social, technical, architectural and urban development of industrial culture – in the past, present and future.

Other railway museums and clubs in the region

Logo © Historische Eisenbahn Frankfurt e. V.

The Historische Eisenbahn Frankfurt organises special trips on the Frankfurt harbour railway along the Main, from the “Eisernen Steg” past the imposing ECB building, with both steam and diesel trains. In addition, special trips are offered to attractive destinations such as the Rüdesheim Christmas Market or the steam locomotive works in Meiningen.

Logo MEH

Logo © Museumseisenbahn Hanau e. V.

The Hanau Railway Museum is housed in the former Hanau railway depot. The aim of the association is to give an understanding about the historical significance of the city of Hanau as a railway transport hub and as former location of the Prussian railway pioneer regiment. In addition, special trips (e.g. to the Taunus, the Odenwald, the Main valley or the Kahlgrund) are organised.

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