Reconstruction of locomotive shed: Clearing the construction site and removing the tracks (May 2020)

Due to a lack of personnel capacities and disposition, the construction work has to be temporarily interrupted, as the further steps first require the clearing of the construction site. Among other things, a collection of historical shape and light signals is stored on the partition wall between track 8 (existing “new building”) and track 9 (demolished “old building”).

This makes work in the area of the wall and the roof impossible. There is also a risk that the signals could be damaged or knocked over by “enemy contact” with construction machinery. Therefore, the signals are loaded onto a freight wagon and stored away for the time being. With the help of the two-way excavator, the work could be carried out with only three men within one working day despite intermittent heavy rain.

Now that some of the vehicles in the museum area have been moved, the last remaining small cars can be moved out of the construction site. Now nothing stands in the way of removing the temporarily laid tracks from the 1980s.

Of course, this measure is also being carried out by the project team. First, all rail fastenings are dismantled and then the rails are removed.

Since most of the rails are still usable and will be reused in future track rehabilitation work, they are stored temporarily outside the construction site.

This is followed by the removal of the sleepers. These are also stored for reuse elsewhere. Various open freight wagons serve us for this purpose.

The remaining ballast superstructure is removed and disposed of. Subsequently, the entire base area will be stripped down to the bare floor level. As this is below the height of the already completed new foundations, a temporary construction road must be created so that construction vehicles can continue to drive into the construction site. The dismantled wooden sleepers are partly used for this purpose.

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