Reconditioning 98 727: The work begins

Work on 98 727 will begin in the summer of 2006 with the complete disassembly of the locomotive into its individual parts. Since the accident caused considerable damage to the basic structure of the Zuckersusi, both the running gear and the boiler have to be straightened and various parts have to be remade and replaced.
Picture below left: The first parts are unscrewed. Center: The boiler is lifted off the chassis. Right: The removed boiler still with water level glass and steam regulator.

After the boiler has been separated from the undercarriage, it must be further disassembled into its individual parts. In order to remove the firebox from the boiler, the bottom ring must be removed (bottom left). Then the removal of rust and other operating residues in the boiler (center) and the firebox (right) is started using the needle technique.

The firebox is finished needled and ground (bottom left). The firebox is straightened because of slight cushioning (caused by heat differences) (center). The Mallet landing gear was severely damaged in the accident. Therefore, it is completely disassembled and overhauled at EAW Pila in Poland (right).

The tube wall on the smoke chamber side is cleaned (center). A subframe is inserted to make it easier to transport the firebox (right).

Meanwhile, the bottom ring is being reworked (bottom left). On the boiler, the protrusions of the stud bolts are ground off (center). In the smoke chamber, the holes of the heating tubes are prepared for grinding (right).

To make it easier to work on the underside of the boiler, it was turned 90 degrees. As you can see, the lower part of the smoke chamber was cut off, as this will also be reworked separately. At the bottom, the so-called tube wall brim is ground off.

Welding work on the boiler may only be carried out by a certified boiler welder. Here, the tube wall brim is brought to its new dimensions by welding. The large opening behind the welder is the chimney opening of the transverse boiler (below).

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