Bahnwelt Update (Week 46/2023)

Repair of the turntable
Work on the turntable has continued diligently over the last few weeks.
The complete repainting after rust removal is largely complete. There is still some finishing work to do. The motto here is not: “Good on the outside, bad on the inside” – the inside of the guard’s house will of course also be renovated so that the turntable attendants will have an attractive workplace in future. The overhaul of the electrics is also in the final phase. Now there is still some work to be done around the tracks of the turntable.
Renovation of the locomotive shed roof

On time and on budget, the local company Höhne-Bedachungen completed its contract for the basic roof renovation of parts of the old engine shed at the beginning of November. The work included the complete removal of the no longer load-bearing roof panelling made of 25 mm thick wooden battens, which had shrunk over the decades, including the associated roof seal. Over the past ten weeks, 550 m² of 40 mm thick timber has now been applied to a good third of the roof area and provided with two layers of underlay and bitumen sheeting. In addition, the tinsmith work on the eaves of the outer wall was also carried out as part of the scaffolding for the roof renovation. All the gutters and downpipes have now been renewed so that the masonry of the listed building is once again protected against moisture in the long term.

This project was a considerable financial challenge for the association, even though the building owner DB Immobilien made a significant one-off contractual contribution. 

The only thing missing now is the installation of the historically documented food of the smoke vents on the individual shed tracks, which – manufactured in the museum’s own workshop according to original documents – are waiting to be installed.

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