Bahnwelt Update (Week 16/2022)

Review of the Easter Event
On Easter Sunday and Monday, a larger event could be offered for the first time after the long pandemic break. In bright sunshine, visitors were able to take a ride in a steam train pulled by ELNA 184 DME through the Kranichstein marshalling yard after the museum tour. In addition, the Wismar rail bus T141 was available for demonstration rides in the museum grounds and various special exhibitions were open. The event was very well received, for which the staff of Bahnwelt would like to express their sincere thanks!
Work on the museum infrastructure
Over the past few Saturdays, structural, civil engineering and track construction work was again carried out at various locations on the museum grounds. On the one hand, the storage area in front of the Signalmeisterei is to be accessible for forklift trucks. For this reason, it is being laid out with so-called Stelcon slabs. In preparation for this, a seepage shaft was excavated for surface drainage and two shaft rings and a cone were inserted. The container placement project is now taking its final shape: After painting the containers on the street side, planting trees and painting the trees against evaporation, the hedge planting of field maple could now be planted. Due to other labour-intensive projects, the reconstruction of the locomotive shed is currently largely at a standstill. Last weekend, however, work began on erecting the fire protection wall between the old and new parts of the locomotive shed so that the vehicles in the existing building will soon be completely protected again. On track 22 behind the locomotive shed, work has begun on excavating the old ballast from the examination pit and planning the area so that the new sleepers can soon be laid.
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Last week, the restored superheater elements were installed. The superheater provides additional heating of the steam to increase its efficiency in the cylinders of the locomotive. To facilitate the installation, the locomotive was turned beforehand.

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