Bahnwelt Update (Week 14/2022)

Work on the vehicles
In the past few days, the cylinder casing of the 23 042 could be painted and installed. Before that, the insulation wool was fitted. After the casing was installed, the lubrication lines could be connected to the cylinder on the heater side. Furthermore, the 23 was able to get a breath of fresh air again, as work on the caster was necessary for the brake inspection. In addition, the last valves were reworked and installed together with the adjusting rods. On the ELNA 184 DME, a brake and period extension inspection was carried out. Afterwards, a wash was carried out so that the locomotive would be clean for the coming days of operation. On the V62, the wiring is being continued. Last week, further work was done on the running gear of Kö 0460. The new primer was finally applied to the locomotive. Three spots still have to be worked on so that the whole locomotive can be primed. The aim is to apply the first coat of paint before the Rail World Days. First, however, the deadline work on Kö 3504 and Kö 1002 has priority, as these are needed for the Bahnwelttage. As the vehicles in the locomotive shed were also exposed to the dust of the construction work during the demolition of the partition wall, the Wismar rail bus was thoroughly cleaned and polished up on the outside to restore the “old shine”. The result is impressive! Now that Bi 84 803 is back on its own axles, the work inside continues. Last Saturday, the seat frames were put back in place.
Container placement/planting
After the containers were set up on 18 March, the plants for the demarcation of the museum grounds from Steinstraße were delivered on Wednesday 23 March: 50 field maple plants for the hedge and three hornbeams as “street trees” with high branches were delivered to us by the largest tree nursery in Germany, the Bruns tree nursery from Bad Zwischenahn. The trees, including delivery, are a donation to the Railway Museum by the senior boss, Mr Jan-Dieter Bruns. Many thanks for this! In addition, the future workshop containers were painted in long-distance colours. The replanting of the trees and the renewal of the fence are part of the current efforts of Bahnwelt to further enhance the visual appearance of the core area of the railway museum. This also includes tidying up materials and spare parts as well as the professional disposal of items that are no longer needed. That’s why last Saturday they sorted, jackhammered, loaded, put together and swept… – With first successes!
Training signal box
Work is also progressing very well in the training signal box. A new subrack has been installed under the layout. New details are also being added to the layout.
Other news
As an attraction for the little guests at the Bahnwelttage and the Steam Locomotive Festival, the Bahnwelt has its own bouncy castle. Since the big events unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the pandemic in the past two years, the bouncy castle was in storage for a long time. Last Saturday it was set up on a trial basis to test whether there was any damage. Since this is not the case, it can finally be used again at this year’s Bahnwelttage! After a lengthy refurbishment, the field roller is now ready for use again. The topic of traffic safety also falls within the scope of the Railway Museum. Due to the immediate proximity to the tracks of the Kranichstein marshalling yard, which have an overhead line, there is an increased risk of accidents for staff and visitors. For this reason, warning signs were installed or renewed at a total of five locations on the museum grounds. Temporary lockable signs with the same warning symbols will be attached to goods wagons that are equipped with ladders and are under the contact wire. The surprising snowfall from Friday to Saturday also briefly bathed the railway museum in wintry white! This made the museum’s own diesel locomotive V122 as well as the guest locomotives of the V100 and V160 series look like they were sprinkled with icing sugar.

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