Bahnwelt Update (Week 19/2022)

New vehicle for the heavy-duty group
Our exhibition on heavy-duty vehicles and combined transport was expanded by a tractor of the type MAN 19.632. The vehicle, which was first registered in 1988, was in service with the DB heavy-duty group at the Hanau site and was used, among other things, for nuclear transports. After the heavy load group was dissolved, it went to private companies that also carried out nuclear and heavy transports from the Hanau site. The vehicle was loaned to the Darmstadt-Kranichstein railway museum by Spedition Kübler ( ), which specialises in heavy transport and took over the former DB site in Hanau. We would like to thank the management for making the contract possible and the staff on site for their active support and great willingness to help. After inspection and preliminary discussions, the tractor could be collected in Hanau last Friday and – after being presented to the TÜV in Hanau for the main inspection, exhaust emission test and safety test – transferred to the museum on its own axle. In the near future, the necessary maintenance and servicing work will be carried out successively. However, the vehicle is already fully operational and can be viewed in operation together with the 3-axle tractor MAN 19.361 on the Bahnwelttage (26.05, 28.05 and 29.05.2022).
Work on the 23 042
Further painting work was carried out on the boiler of 23 042 this weekend. The wind deflectors were also prepared for painting. Despite hard work, 23 042 will unfortunately not be ready in time for the Bahnwelttage to be demonstrated in operation. However, it can be viewed as an exhibition vehicle.
Locomotive shed
The new fire protection wall between the old locomotive shed and the future new building is gradually gaining height, so that soon all vehicles in the locomotive shed will be protected from the weather again.
Preparations for the Bahnwelttage 2022
The focus of the museum’s work is currently on preparing the vehicles and the museum grounds for the upcoming Bahnwelttage, which will take place from 26 to 29 May 2022 after a two-year break due to the pandemic. Among other things, the operability of the operating vehicles will be tested, locomotives and wagons will be cleaned up inside and out and, where necessary, the paintwork will be reconditioned, weeds removed or work materials put away. At this point you are cordially invited to the Bahnwelttage. We look forward to your visit!

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