Bahnwelt Update (Week 12/2022)

Takeover of material from the Bw Darmstadt main station
The training workshop at the Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof railway station was dissolved by the DB. In the course of this, the railway museum was able to take over a historic forge and numerous semi-finished products. On 09.02.2022, a task force from the museum was on site to sort and load the materials. Conveniently, two storage containers could also be taken over, into which the material was loaded directly. In addition, a PA container (door-to-door container) was secured for the collection. On 19.03.2022, the containers were moved to the museum grounds with the support of the Hellmich Kranservice company of Riedstadt. In recent weeks, a site had already been prepared behind the locomotive shed (see last Bahnwelt update). In the coming weeks, the containers will be painted and labelled in a historically correct manner. In addition, the area in the immediate vicinity must be prepared.
Installation of locomotive shed gate of track 7
After the two gate wings of the locomotive shed track 7 had been installed 14 days ago (see last Bahnwelt Update), the installation was completed last Saturday with the installation of the four pane elements. Our road-rail excavator was used again and was able to prove its versatility. Now only the gate of platform 8 has to be replaced, then the front of the existing building will be uniform again. The new shed doors have the advantage, apart from their chicer appearance, that more daylight is available in the locomotive shed when the doors are closed than was previously the case through the windows on the back of the locomotive shed and the front skylights alone.
Work on the steam locomotives
At the weekend, the last work on the ELNA 184 DME was completed before the start of the season. The ash box was completed and the safety valve installed. On the 23 042, the cylinder lining of the heater side was finished. Furthermore, the area under the driver’s cab was painted red and various add-on parts were primed/painted. In addition, a successful leak test of the brake system was carried out.
Reconditioning of the diesel locomotive V62
Among other things, the new wiring was completed on the V62. In the photo, the colleague is working on a control box of the Indusi system. The second driver’s desk is also being thoroughly renovated. The dashboard is currently still being removed and will be refurbished separately.
Reconditioning of Kö 0460 "Alberta"
Two small locomotives of the “Kö” type have been used for shunting purposes within the Bw premises for years. Since the technical condition of Kö 3504 “Albert” has unfortunately deteriorated considerably in the meantime, work has begun on refurbishing a sister locomotive, Kö 0460. In the future, this locomotive will be responsible for providing the steam locomotives at the coaling station, for example. Work is also progressing well here. The two handwheels and indicator needles have been removed and are now being refurbished. In addition, the driver’s desk has been sanded down and needled, then primed and painted.
Training signal box
Although the primary purpose of the training signal box is to illustrate the control and safety operational procedures on the railway, the current redesign of the model layout also pays attention to the details beyond the tracks, points and signals. Thus, there are various sceneries to discover on the layout, such as the loading of general cargo at Aschaffenburg-Nilkheim station or a flock of sheep with a shepherd along the line to Waibstadt.

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