Operational Reconditioning of the 23 042

Operational Reconditioning of the 23 042

A look back

At the end of 2012, the operating licence of the 23 042 expired after the official term of 8 years. Prior to that, the locomotive had been used throughout Germany since 2005 in front of special trains and at Bahnwelt events as well as in the context of so called “Plandampf” events. The sight of it and the sound of its exhaust made the faces of many adults and children on the trains and along the track shine.

By 2014, it had undergone the necessary general inspection, during which all parts of the locomotive were checked for damage and wear. This complex and cost-intensive work was only possible thanks to numerous donations, e.g. in the form of “pipe sponsorships”.

Photo: © Bastian Chlond

After that, the locomotive was once again available for events on the museum grounds; use in front of special trains was only not possible until then for licensing reasons.

On 29 May 2019, during firing up the locomotive crew discovered that a smoke pipe inside the boiler was defect. Therefore, the locomotive had to be shut down again. Since then, the active members of the Bahnwelt, including a considerable proportion of our youth group, have been working on getting the locomotive back into service. In the course of the work, unfortunately, a number of other defects became apparent, which were caused by the low “run-out” of the locomotive.

What has been achieved so far?

What still needs to be done?

In order for our 23 042 to steam again, it needs:

The components either have to be repaired or, in some cases, completely rebuilt so that they can then be fitted and reassembled. Thanks to our well-equipped workshops, the work can often be carried out by volunteers. Nevertheless, expensive materials have to be procured and companies have to be commissioned for some of the work.

How can you support us?

For the further refurbishment, we therefore need your financial support. Help us to ensure that 23 042 will soon make railway enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster again!

Donation account of the Bahnwelt foundation: Sparkasse Darmstadt​ IBAN: DE41 5085 0150 0000 7139 10 BIC: HELADEF1DAS Intended purpose: “HU 23 042”
Or simply via PayPal:

Your donation is tax deductible if you pay taxes in Germany.

What do we offer you?

So that such experiences will soon be possible again:

Video: Youtube/Powered by Steam

Thank you for your support!

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