Bahnwelt Update (Week 17/2024)

23 042

Work on the 23 042 is in full swing for its use on the upcoming Railway World Days. The bearings were spindled out on the drive rods and the new crosshead bolts were machined. The work was carried out in the museum’s own workshop, which is equipped with the necessary tools and machines. Work was also carried out on the wheel flange lubrication.

ELNA 184

The damage to the rods on the ELNA that occurred during the test run in March also needs to be repaired in time for the Railway World Days. For this purpose, the bearing shells were scraped out, into which new material was previously inserted to restore the necessary strength (see also last Bahnwelt Update). Further work is also currently being carried out on the poles.

Kö 0460

The front end of the shunting locomotive Kö 0460, which is currently undergoing a complete operational refurbishment, was partially needled and sanded and then grunded.


As part of the ongoing general overhaul of the turntable, the track and drive rollers have been repaired and their alignment re-measured and corrected over the last two weeks. The bearing surfaces were also freed from corrosion and the fastenings were renewed and reinforced.

External appearance

Our standards for exemplary museum work include not only the best possible presentation of visually and operationally refurbished vehicles, but also the attractive preservation of the museum grounds. For this reason, our employees are often entrusted with restoration work on smaller exhibits, such as this particular locomotive axle. Providing inviting seating for visitors is also part of the weekly work. In addition, we are constantly striving to make the paths and areas of the museum grounds barrier-free and to minimise tripping hazards in the interests of accident prevention despite the historical building fabric.

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