Bahnwelt Update (Week 18/2023)

23 042

One of the purposes of using the 23 during the Easter trips was to check the work carried out on the Krauss-Helmholtz steering gear. After the weekend, it was established that this work was another successful step towards commissioning the locomotive.

Nevertheless, a setback must also be reported: During the final service, the locomotive crew discovered damage to the crosshead bolt on the driver’s side. After a diagnosis a week later in the workshop, it became clear that the crosshead bolt and the bushing were damaged. To ensure that the 23 042 would be available for the Railway World Days, it was decided to overhaul the crosshead bolt so that it could continue to be used temporarily and to produce a new gunmetal bushing for the driving rod on the driver’s side. The stoker side of the locomotive was also checked to rule out the same damage there.

141 228-7
The 141 was also due for some work, a deadline was due. For this, the locomotive was completely checked once and a few small things repaired. Among other things, the insulators on the roof had to be inspected and the locomotive had to be switched through. Afterwards we washed the locomotive, the paint will be renewed next year.
The locomotive was used for the first time last Tuesday for a private locomotive shed festival, where it and our cars served as a feeder from Darmstadt main station to Kranichstein and back.
Sale of two Skl 53
In the course of the construction work for the ICE stabling facility, the space available in the museum will be reduced by quite a bit. For this reason, the entire vehicle stock will be examined to determine what fits into the collection concept and whether further use is foreseeable. Vehicles that are dispensable in terms of both collection and use are to be sold if possible. For our two Skl 53, which had been parked since 2002, a buyer could now be found who also wants to refurbish them to make them operational again. On April 24, they were loaded onto low loaders and brought to their new home in Kassel. We wish the new owner every success!
184 DME
After the repainting, damage occurred to the regulator tube during the first start-up. The superheater and the steam collection box had to be removed so that we can get to the regulator tube and repair it. In addition, the regulator shaft will be reworked and the steam header box will be reworked a bit.
Unfortunately, the locomotive will probably not be repaired by the time of the Bahnwelttage.
Preparation for the Bahnwelttage
The preparations for our Bahnwelttage on Ascension Day are in full swing, not only on the premises are worked, cleaned up and prepared, also on our vehicles is a lot to do.
The program and exhibits for Bahnwelttage can be found here.

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