Tender submitted

Not all of the vehicles and vehicle parts that have been accumulated over the past decades will be needed or used by the Museumsbahn e. V. in the foreseeable future. In order to create space in the grounds that will benefit our future exhibition concept and ultimately our visitors, we part with items from time to time. A major disposal was reported on 04.08.2022: A tender 2’2′-T34, which was originally intended as a spare parts carrier for the tenders of our 41 024 or 44 404, was passed on to the Pressnitztalbahn (http://pressnitztalbahn.com) to Jöhstadt.
For the foreseeable future, we have no need for spare parts for this type of tender. It would be a pity to leave the tender unused and unpresentable in the open air. We are all the more pleased that the new owner has a use for it and a need for it. Already in the early morning, a transfer train arrived from Jöhstadt with class 204, workshop car, sleeping car and two protection cars.
During the week, the tender had been inspected by the railway expert Langeloth at the request of the Pressnitztalbahn to ensure that it could run. In addition, an emergency coupling pin was installed to adjust the tender in the train.
The tender was extensively defaced with graffiti during its years of storage. Driving it across Germany in this condition was probably a little embarrassing for the colleagues from Jöhstadt, which is why it was professionally repainted before departure 😉
After a tour of the museum and a farewell photo with V100 East and West, the tender set off on its journey at around 2pm. The journey went without incident and the tender arrived on schedule at its new destination on 06.08.2022.
We would like to thank Rudolf Langeloth for the smooth running and the good cooperation with the colleagues of the Pressnitztalbahn as well as the good preparation of the action.

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