Bahnwelt Update (Week 41/2022)

Cleaning up after the Steam Locomotive Festival

We have had a lot to do in the last few weeks. Among other things, various clean-up jobs were carried out after the steam locomotive festival.
Several vehicles were moved, the locomotive shed was tidied up and the floor was repaired in places.

In addition, a few wooden pit covers were made, as we are organising a larger locomotive shed festival including a special steam train for a company anniversary next Friday.

Main inspection of Bi 84 803 completed

Just in time before the locomotive shed festival, the very extensive overhaul of the “blunderbuss” Bi 84 803 was completed. In addition to new paint on the outside, the entire interior and the brake linkage were also overhauled. The lavatory also shines in new splendour and probably last looked like this when the wagon was built, so the wagon could now get its acceptance.

In addition to the luggage van, we now have a total of five historic seating cars with almost 250 seats available for special trips.

ELNA 184 DME ready for the DB route

High-tech meets history: Last Saturday, the ELNA received its so-called “PZB period”. This involves regular checks to ensure that the point train control system (PZB), a safety system on the railway that ensures that, for example, no stop signals are passed, is still working properly.

It has successfully passed the test and is now allowed to run on the public network again. Next week, we will continue with the installation of the 23.

First steps for V62

The V62 was recently able to run for the first time under its own power on the site after the gearbox had been repaired, the driver’s cab refurbished and rewired.
Currently, the paint is still being touched up here and there. The locomotive is already 90% polished and the roof and buffer beam area have also been repainted and the original yellow doors changed to blue.

Fresh coal for the steam locomotives

Unfortunately, we had to bite the bullet and order coal at a high price, as the last supply had been used up. The coal was then delivered this week, so that our ELNA and 23 042 are supplied for the next time.

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