Bahnwelt Update (Week 48/2022)

23 042
Our 23 042 is currently in the final phase for the upcoming acceptance run. Among other things, the refurbished roof vents could be reinstalled, which now have to be painted and fitted with their handles. In addition, the inlet pipe covering could be refurbished and installed. Furthermore, the springs of the locomotive were readjusted. The tender has been sealed with clear varnish, which will be done on the rest of the locomotive at higher temperatures. In addition, the remaining locomotive signs were attached. Together with the owner, the foundation Bahnwelt Darmstadt-Kranichstein, we decided on two different lettering variants, as you can see in the pictures.
98 727
Now that the work on 184 DME has been completed and the work on 23 042 is almost finished, we can finally turn our attention to 98 727 again. For this we recommend the recently published special report on the resumption of work.
At the V62 cooling water and engine oil could be supplemented, so that now soon also the acceptance can take place after the transmission repair. Here are still small remaining work and a few test runs necessary.
Infrastructure works on the museum grounds
The track construction company Monti GmbH from Merchweiler ( assisted us on 3.12. with a short deployment of their sleeper tamping machine in the rehabilitation of siding 22. Thanks to the massive technical support, the track was restored in a few hours from the junction to the start of the newly exposed pit, so that about half of it can now be used again. This work would otherwise have kept the club busy for at least a couple of weeks. For this massive relief we say a big thank you to the Monti company!
At the locomotive shed, the last shed gate from stand no. 8 could finally be exchanged for the new, old historic gate, so that our shed now presents a uniform image. Now the windows have to be installed and some painting has to be done. This means that another project can soon be successfully completed!

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