Reconditioning 98 727: Progress on boiler, running gear and smokebox

The boiler has arrived at Bilfinger Berger BIS Industrial Services (Frankfurt). There, the boiler bottom (picture below left) and part of the bootjack plate (picture below right) are being replaced. The new parts have already been fitted and tacked in place. The next step is to weld it to the rest of the boiler.
Many thanks to BIS Industrial Services for their professional support during this work!

In Kranichstein, meanwhile, the fastenings of the smokebox door are being rebuilt according to the original plans (bottom left).
A new tube wall has to be made for the firebox, as the old one has become too thin in many areas over the long period of operation and cracks have formed in the area of the edge to the ceiling. For this purpose, a so-called “matrix” is first made, i.e. a template on which the component is later produced using the “dishing technique” (bottom center). Before this, however, the bottom ring of the firebox is straightened (bottom right).

Work is also progressing on the chassis in Pila: The cylinders have been fitted and the brake linkage renewed (top). The inlet pipes are new, as are the axle bearings and springs (bottom).

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