Reconditioning 98 727: Flanging the front wall of the firebox

The copper firebox of the Zuckersusi needs a new front wall (towards the long boiler). Since such spare parts are of course no longer supplied off the shelf, it had to be newly made. In addition to preserving historic vehicles and equipment, the Railway Museum has also set itself the task of preserving old manufacturing techniques. And therefore it was the logical step for us to manufacture the part ourselves – not to mention the cost savings compared to outsourcing.
We were again supported professionally and energetically by the employees of the International Federation (IB). During this assignment, both the young employees of the IB and our junior staff were able to learn how a finished workpiece is forged from a copper plate using the historic dishing technique.

The workplace with die, workpiece and forge (top first row left). The forge fire is lit (center) and the copper plate is heated in it for the first time (right). With a large hammer and powerful but well-aimed hammer blows, the forming of the plate on the die begins (top second row left). In total, the metal piece is heated and machined three times alternately. Final blows from the side (center). The crew looks with satisfaction at their day’s work, which took a total of two hours (right).

A few days later, the fine adjustment is made in the cooled state … Done!

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