On our own account: Staff meeting on 12.08.2023

An internal meeting of the members and staff of the railway museum took place on 12.08.2023. The main topic was the presentation of the results for the sounding out of the vehicle collection. By summer 2024, approx. 50 vehicles will be handed over to make room for the new construction of the ICE parking and cleaning facility and to adapt to the changed space conditions and tracks in the museum grounds in the future, as well as to be able to drive on the newly built museum track within the grounds.

In the past months, the museum’s collection of around 200 vehicles has been newly recorded in three project groups and the relevance of each exhibit for the exhibition has been evaluated. Decisive factors were, among others, the museum, historical and technical significance as well as the current condition and the preservation perspective at the location. From 01.09.2023, vehicles for sale will be advertised in the Search and Offer List of the VDMT. Some vehicles unfortunately also have to be scrapped, as preservation can neither be assessed as realistic on site nor at another location.

The audience followed the presentation of the results with great interest. All members are ready to constructively go along with this next, important step for the further development of the museum.

During the event, Gerhard Vocke was also dismissed from his position as public relations officer. The Executive Board and the membership thanked him for his more than 50 years of service to the association and for his decisive role in building up an organised and structured press and public relations work. Most recently, he handled, among other things, all enquiries via the Bahnwelt e-mail box and telephone and was in charge of press and media relations. He is now handing over the baton to a team of successors who will divide up the increasingly diverse tasks. The ÖA team will ensure that you are always kept up to date and that your enquiries continue to be answered competently both by telephone and by e-mail at info@bahnwelt.de .

As a small thank you to the staff for the work done so far this year and as motivation for the work still to be done, the evening was brought to a close with a barbecue and a cosy get-together.

Would you like to take part in a free barbecue in the special atmosphere of the engine shed? It turned out that there is still enough barbecue capacity to feed more members!

We are always looking for committed new members to actively participate in the preservation and expansion of the Bahnwelt. Feel free to find out more at the Open Days on 16 and 17 September 2023.

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