Bahnwelt Update (Week 11/2023)

Salvage Pwghs 44 (Brit. US Zone)

Our operational wagon fleet is getting a new addition in the form of a Pwghs 44 freight train escort wagon (wagon number 180 888). This car was built on the basis of a Gmhs “Bremen” freight car during World War II and was used after the war in the so-called Brit. US zone. The vehicle was given to the Darmstadt-Kranichstein Railway Museum on permanent loan from the DB Museum.
Up to now, the car has been standing on a track that cannot be used due to defects in the superstructure. Therefore, it was moved to the passable neighboring track last weekend by means of rerailing technology, which is normally used to re-rail vehicles.
In the future, the car will serve as a reinforcement/replacement for our baggage car. The refurbishment will start this year.

Painting work on the ELNA

We took advantage of the warm weather this Saturday and gave our 184 DME a new coat of black paint. After another layer of clear coat will follow in the next few days, the signs and lettering will be reattached to the locomotive. We were able to repaint the undercarriage in red last year after the undercarriage inspection.

Installation of the leading axle on 23 042
Work also continued on the 23 042. The completely refurbished front frame was reinstalled using an axle sink.
Due to a leak that was detected, the springs of the feed frame were removed and cleaned in the last three weeks and the oil containers were resealed. A complete cleaning and maintenance programme was also carried out. At the end of the work, the leading axle was completely repainted.

As part of the removal of the axle, work was also carried out on the frame. The entire area was cleaned, sanded and repainted. The equalising levers were also removed as the bolts and bushes were worn. New bushes were pressed into the levers and the frame supports and new bolts were used. The leading axle was also fitted with a new catch bracket as the old one no longer seemed safe.

A few small finishing touches still need to be completed in the coming days.
Work on the infrastructure

An energetic team of members also began last weekend to repalletize and relocate paving stones stored on the site. This measure had become necessary because the wooden pallets previously used had decomposed due to the weather. In the future, the stones will be packed in foil and stored on much more durable steel pallets, which will hopefully prevent a repetition of this sweaty diligence.
The project is kindly supported by D. H. Held GmbH & Co. KG Baustoffhandlung from Weiterstadt, who provided us with a truck with a special pallet loading crane and operator on several Saturdays. Many thanks for this!

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