S-Bahn railcar ET 476 033-6 departed for Dresden Niederau

The widow of the previous owner, Mrs Cornelia Schmidt, says goodbye to the railcar from the museum on Monday, 6 November 2023. (from left to right: Stephan Heldmann, 2nd Chairman of the Museumsbahn e. V.; Cornelia Schmidt and Dennis Gransee, one of the two new owners)

Museum vehicle has new owners in Saxony

On November 6, the S-Bahn railcar ET 476 033-6, built in 1928, set off on its last journey to Saxony with its new owners for the time being. The S-Bahn railcar, which had been parked in the railroad museum in Darmstadt for almost 20 years, had arrived in Darmstadt at the turn of the millennium with an original central buffer wagon. Prior to this, the vehicle had been given new seat covers and even two wooden class compartments as specified by its owner at the time. These were all original parts from the Berlin S-Bahn workshops. As part of the ongoing exploration and focusing of the museum’s vehicle collection, the possibility of selling the vehicle was decided. Buyers were quickly found who contractually undertook to keep the vehicle in its original condition for the museum. This was a prerequisite for the sale from the museum collection.

The new owners, Mr. Gransee and Mr. Sachs, will initially park this railcar in Dresden Niederau on a rented and guarded siding next to other historic S-Bahn railcars. The vehicle has thus found a safe home next to its peers. After a repaint, the intention is to exhibit the vehicle in Berlin for the centenary of the Berlin S-Bahn in 2024 or for the 100th anniversary of the railcar in 2028.

The previous owner, Armin Schmidt, who has since sadly passed away and was himself an S-Bahn enthusiast, even wrote a book about “his railcar”.

The vehicle was restored to running order and transferred by colleagues from the Pressnitz Valley Railway, who had already collected a 44 tender from Kranichstein last year.

Picture credits: Bahnwelt Darmstadt-Kranichstein, Dennis Gransee

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