Bahnwelt Update (Week 45/2022)

Metre gauge flat wagon pick-up

For several years, the railway museum has kept a historic metre gauge flat car of the former Oberrheinische Eisenbahngesellschaft (OEG) from the Rhine-Neckar region.

However, in the course of clearing parts of the site due to the construction of the new long-distance railway sidings by DB Fernverkehr and our new local line (, this wagon was up for disposal, as it also did not fit into our exhibition concept due to its gauge.

Fortunately, the wagon could be passed on to the ARGE Historische HEAG-Fahrzeuge (, which is part of the Bahnwelt. They will use it to obtain important spare parts for the maintenance of their company cars. Thus, despite its condition, the wagon can still be used sensibly and contribute to the preservation of other historic metre-gauge vehicles.

On 05.11.2022, the wagon, which was loaded with a water crane, was cleared, cut free and recovered by the heavy load group. It was then collected by Heag on 09.11.2022.

Let there be light

In order to be able to work properly on our steam locomotives even in the dark season, two 500-watt spotlights in the locomotive shed that were getting on in years were replaced by four 50-watt spotlights with a higher luminous intensity. This means that, after the space between tracks 2/3, the area between tracks 3/4 is now also equipped with better working lighting and energy costs can be saved at the same time.

New lamps for the VL12

The lamps of the lower top lighting on the VL12 diesel locomotive were replaced as part of the regular deadline work. These had previously been removed from the inoperable sister locomotive VL11 and refurbished. In the next time the tail lights and then the two upper top lights will follow.

Various works on the vehicles
In the course of clean-up work, 56 3007 found its way outdoors again last weekend and could be admired all around on the turntable for about two hours. Also 23 042 was outside the locomotive shed again during this week and was turned around 180 degrees. In the “home office” the locomotive signs of the 23s got a new paint job.

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