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Since the railway was the fastest means of transport for a long time, the post also used it to transport of post items. Railway post wagons are classed as passenger coaches and must therefore comply with all the technical regulations for passenger coaches that have been laid down at international level. In railway post wagons, mail was sorted during the journey. Therefore, mail wagons have three types of workrooms:
– The “mail room” with work tables and mail distribution racks.
– The “sacking room” with a large work table for sacking out the mail bags.
– The “parcel or packing room” which was used to hold as many parcels, etc. as possible.
A special external feature were the letter slots in the side walls, into which travellers on the train could drop their mail.

This carriage is a typical representative of the post-war period. Inside there was a parcel and a letter post compartment.The wagons were heated by steam or electric current and there was an oven for longer stops.  The wagons were used in passenger, express or special post trains, both on main lines and branch lines.  They were in service until 1985, when the last of them were taken out of service.

Technical specifications


Maschinenfabrik Esslingen, Esslingen





100 km/h

Axle Arrangement

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15260 mm


18,5 t


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