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Bauzugwagen (Umbau G10)

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In order to achieve a standardisation of freight wagons, 11 freight wagons were newly constructed at the German state railways before the First World War. These freight wagons are called freight wagons of the association design. The designation is based on the activities of the German State Railway Wagon Association, to which all 8 German state railways of the time belonged. More than 12,000 of them were built in Germany in the period from 1910 to 1924, making it the most built freight wagon in Germany.

Because of the high number, the Reichsbahn designated this type of wagon as “G Kassel” and “G Munich”. At the DB, they were given the designation “G 10”. Until the mid-1970s, the wagons were gradually taken out of service.

Some of the wagons were converted by the DB into work train wagons. For this purpose, the ventilation flaps were removed and windows and a door were installed.

Technical specifications



ab 1910



65 km/h

Axle Arrangement

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9600 mm


9,0 t


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