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Train tickets

An exhibition in our museum is dedicated to the hitherto little-noticed tickets, which comprehensively presents the history of the development of tickets in Germany. This exhibition was opened for the 30th anniversary of the Museumsbahn e. V. association in 2001 and comprehensively expanded on the occasion of the museum’s 40th anniversary. In the entrance area is the ticket window salvaged from Ober-Ramstadt station. In addition to an AEG desktop printer, various utensils of the transport service are displayed in the counter.

The exhibition provides an insight into over 180 years of German railway history, with a focus on the Darmstadt area. Preference is given to tickets in Edmondsonian format (30.5 mm x 57 mm), as well as an introduction to their inventor Thomas Edmondson.

We also run our own ticket printing works. Here we use historic printing presses to produce true-to-the-original tickets in Edmonson format, both for our own needs and for other museum railways. If you would like to know more, please contact Mr. R. Völger (

Accessibility of the exhibition:
during the opening hours of the museum

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