Bahnwelt Update (Week 10/2024)

Maintenance work on the operational waggons

Several maintenance work has been carried out on the operational waggon fleet ahead of the upcoming driving season (Details will follow soon, stay tuned!) performed.

Firstly, the technical numbers of the axle shafts had to be documented. To do this, it was necessary to open the axle bearings. The numbers were then neatly recorded in lists. At the same time, the axle shafts and brakes were visually inspected for damage;

The sometimes frosty winter months put a strain on the car batteries every year. Although we try to get them through the winter as well as possible with trickle chargers, sometimes they still have to be replaced. This time it was time for the pack wagon.

In addition, a team of hard-working cleaners set about cleaning the inside of the vehicles so that they can go into action in a respectable condition. 

Infrastructure work

We are still working on the area around track 22 behind the engine shed, which has been completed a few weeks ago. The laying of Stelcon© concrete slabs to open up the areas between the tracks has now been completed. It was also necessary to mill out a damaged area of old concrete and replace it with concrete slabs. This means that it is now easier to access the MoBaTrain carriages, for example, both on foot and with vehicles.

On the turntable, we are still working on repairs to the sleepers of the turntable.

Renovation of the former communications centre

Renovation work continues in the former newsroom. New windows with a rounded arch look have recently been manufactured and fitted to bring all the windows back to their original historical appearance.

Clearance work in the area of the run-off hill

In the course of clearing the areas in the area of the former run-off hill/future museum island, two containers were placed in front of the former shunters’ social building to store spare parts from the Culemeyer road roller collection. The surrounding areas were then cleared of vegetation and cleaned so that the construction work for the new ICE facility can begin soon.

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