Bahnwelt Update (Week 3/2023)

23 042
The relatively warm temperatures at the beginning of the year were used to wash out the boiler of 23 042. This procedure has to be done regularly on steam locomotives to remove residues and deposits of lime water and other dirt After all the work on the boiler at the end of last year, there was indeed still some dirt coming out of the boiler.
Reconditioning of the Kö 0460
The small diesel locomotive “Kö 0460” is currently being completely overhauled so that it will soon be able to take on off-road shunting tasks as a “yard dog”. Currently, the shift cylinders of the gearbox are being refurbished. The pictures on the left show the cylinder of the 3rd gear. It is clearly visible that time has taken its toll on it. After disassembling the cylinder it was cleaned and the running surface was reworked. Then some rust was removed, primed and painted. Finally, it was reassembled and a functional test was performed. It works again and can soon be installed as the other two cylinders.
Windows for the last locomotive shed door
The four window elements were installed in the new gates of locomotive shed stand No. 8 at the beginning of January. Our “all-purpose weapon on any terrain”, the two-way excavator built by Atlas, was used.
Development of new storage area

In November 2021, we reported for the first time that we were preparing a new parking area in the area of the former Kranichstein signal master’s office for use by industrial truck. This project has now been successfully completed.

The project began with the removal of a thick layer of earth and gravel to create a subgrade for concrete slabs. This also involved removing a concrete base in the area of the wall facing the signal master’s office. Prior to this, the cable shaft modules stored on the site were relocated. Subsequently, in April 2022, a soakaway shaft for surface drainage was excavated, two shaft rings and a cone were inserted. Finally, Stelcon slabs were laid on the subgrade, with appropriate slopes to drain the square towards the soakaway.

The site can now be used as an open-air storage area, with part of it already taken up by our concrete slab stockpile.

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