Lecture evening at the railway museum

On the first Wednesday of every month, a lecture evening on a railway-related topic takes place in the waiting room of the railway museum from 8 pm.
Admission is free. Catering is also provided.

Attention: This month the lecture evening will exceptionally take place on Tuesdays due to scheduling reasons!

Topic on 03 September 2024: “The Salzkammergut local railway” by Gunter Mackinger
Previous topics in the 2024 lecture series:
  • 03 January 2024: “Annual review of the railway world 2023” by the board of the Museumsbahn e. V.
  • 07 February 2024: “Das Odenwälder Lies’chen” by Georg Kaffenberger and Hans Peter Trautmann
  • 06 March 2024: “The motor bogie of the new ST 15 (TINA) of heag mobilo” by Karl-Heinz Holub
  • 03 April 2024: “The cuckoo train and the DGEG Pfalzbahnmuseum Neustadt/Weinstraße” by Jürgen Pfeiffer
  • 05 June 2024: “The development of combined road/rail transport” by  Jens Horvay
  • 03 July 2024: “The locomotives of the Main-Neckar Railway” by Michael Sailer
  • 07 August 2024: “The Light Railway Museum Frankfurt/M.” by Udo Przygoda


04. Sep 2024


20:00 - 22:00


Eintritt frei


Railway Museum Darmstadt-Kranichstein
Steinstraße 7, 64291 Darmstadt


Railway Museum Darmstadt-Kranichstein
06151 376401

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