Associated clubs

Associate clubs

Today, the restoration of historic railway vehicles and the organisation of trips with museum trains almost only works together with other railway enthusiasts – and that is why Bahnwelt regularly works together with various regional and national associations (and companies).

Logo © Historische Eisenbahn Frankfurt e. V.

The Historische Eisenbahn Frankfurt organises special trips with steam and diesel trains on the Frankfurt harbour railway along the Main, from the “Iron Footbridge” past the imposing ECB building. In addition, supra-regional special trips lead to attractive destinations such as the Rüdesheim Christmas market or the steam locomotive works in Meiningen.

Logo MEH

Logo © Museumseisenbahn Hanau e. V.

The Museum Railway Hanau is housed in the former Hanau railway depot. The aim of the association is to bring the historical significance of the city of Hanau as a railway transport hub and former location of the Prussian railway pioneer regiment closer to the general public. Special trips (e.g. to the Taunus, the Odenwald, the Main Valley or the Kahlgrund) are also organised.

Logo © Nassauische Touristik-Ban e. V.

Founded in 1986, the Nassauische Touristik-Bahn e. V. ran special trips with historic railway vehicles on the listed Aartalbahn from Wiesbaden to Bad Schwalbach until 2009, before a bridge on the railway line was severely damaged. Since then, the association has been endeavouring to reactivate the line in the near future and is keeping the track and station facilities in good condition until then. Station festivals are regularly organised in WI-Dotzheim.

Logo © IG Bahnbus e.V.

The IG Bahnbus e.V. from Mainz operates historic buses on an occasional basis with its own licence. The lovingly restored vehicles can be booked for special trips, events, celebrations, weddings, trade fairs, exhibitions, events and much more. Shuttle services to events and corporate functions are also offered. Various “rail replacement services” have recently been organised for the Bahnwelt.

Logo © Frankfurter Feldbahnmuseum

In the Feldbahnmuseum Frankfurt/M. you can discover the history of light railways on an area of around 10,000 m² with numerous exhibits and literally “experience” the 600mm-gauge line through Frankfurt’s Rebstockpark as part of regular driving days.

Logo © Förderverein Besucherbergwerk Fortuna e. V.

The Feldbahn- und Grubenmuseum in Solms-Oberbiel, together with the visitor mine Grube Fortuna, forms the Geowelt Fortuna in the Westerwald-Lahn-Taunus Geopark. The museum comprises a collection of over 60 locomotives along with a workshop with forge, coaling plant, turntable and a 2.4 km long railway line (600 mm gauge) in a magnificent low mountain range landscape.

Logo © Modelspoorclub Alkmaar

The Modelspoorclub Alkmaar (MSA) from Darmstadt’s Dutch twin city builds and operates six model railway layouts of various gauges with scenery from the Netherlands with great attention to detail. The modelling enthusiasts have been exhibiting their layouts at the Railway World Days for many years and a close and cordial friendship has developed with the club over the years.

Logo © Deutsche Gesellschaft für Eisenbahngeschichte

The German Society for Railway History maintains a railway museum in Bochum-Dahlhausen and in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. While the exhibits in Bochum-Dahlhausen are predominantly Prussian, the focus in Neustadt is on vehicles from the former southern German state railways. The Cuckoo Train also runs from Neustadt via Lambrecht to the Elmstein Valley, while special trips through the Ruhr Valley and the Ruhr region take place regularly in Bochum.

Logo © Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum e.V.

Founded in 1985, the Bayerische Eisenbahnmuseum (BEM) is a private railway museum that has housed its vehicle collection on the site of the disused Nördlingen railway depot. With over two hundred original vehicles, it is the largest private railway museum in southern Germany. The museum covers an area of approx. 3.5 hectares; the facilities of the former railway depot have been largely preserved or rebuilt and include a 15-storey engine shed with turntable, the former railcar hall, a functional water tower, the former administration building, workshops, locomotive treatment facilities, sidings and much more.

Logo © UEF GmbH

UEF Eisenbahn-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (UEF GmbH) was founded in 1997 and has been providing rail transport services as a public rail transport company ever since. What began as a company for historical and tourist transport has developed over the years into a modern railway transport company (EVU). Museumsbahn e. V. has been one of 35 operating divisions of UEF GmbH throughout Germany since 2024, making it part of a strong network of tourist museum railways. UEF GmbH acts as the railway undertaking for the trips of the Bahnwelt on the public network.

Logo © PRESS GmbH

Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebsgesellschaft Pressnitztalbahn mbH, or PRESS for short, is a medium-sized railway transport company based in Jöhstadt in Saxony with extensive experience in freight and passenger transport. In the field of historical transport, PRESS operates the Rügensche BäderBahn and runs special trips throughout Germany. In cooperation with Bahnwelt, various transfer journeys of sold vehicles have been organised in the past.

Logo © IKN

Under the leadership of the Jutta & Dr Thomas Kittel Foundation, the Interessengemeinschaft Kulturlokschuppen Neumünster (IKN) has been established since 2019 with the aim of revitalising the site of the former Neumünster railway depot and developing it into an attractive museum railway operation and event venue. One of the things that unites the IKN with Bahnwelt is the goal of rebuilding its historic roundhouse.

Logo © Freunde zur Erhaltung historischer Schienenfahrzeuge e.V.

In the SVG Eisenbahnerlebniswelt Horb, over 40 railway vehicles of various types and eras can be viewed. Some of these “railway veterans” are also operational and are used for special trains. One focus of the exhibition there is on the history of the railway in the Stuttgart area.

Logo © Modell-Eisenbahn-Club Wuppertal e.V.

The Modell-Eisenbahn-Club Wuppertal e.V. was founded in 1950 by the famous railway photographer Carl Bellingrodt and others. The 40-member club currently operates twelve model railways of different scales (from Z-gauge to 1/LGB). In 2023, the club visited the railway world as part of one of its club excursions.

Logo © Stuttgarter Verkehrsfreunde e.V.

The Stuttgarter Verkehrsfreunde e. V. are a group of enthusiastic railway enthusiasts from the Stuttgart area. Founded shortly after the war, the association meets regularly for lectures and mutual exchange. They also organise joint excursions and multi-day trips to experience interesting vehicles, lines and facilities in Germany and abroad. One such excursion in 2024 also took them to the railway world;

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